Mike Tyson v Jake Paul sanctioned as professional boxing match – and rules announced..

Mike Tyson’s fight with Jake Paul has been sanctioned as a professional boxing match by Texas authorities.It means it will appear on their official record but will be shorter than most pro fights, taking place over eight two-minute rounds.

The gloves will also be more padded at 14oz, rather than the 10oz normally used.There had been speculation over the rules of the fight, and whether it would just be an exhibition match, given the age gap between 57-year-old Tyson and Paul, 27.

Some have also raised health concerns, with worries Tyson’s punching power could seriously injure his less experienced opponent.Training videos have shown the US fighter pounding the punch bag with his trademark ferocity.However, others have questioned his fitness and believe Tyson could be hurt given the exertions of fighting a much younger man.

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